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You could try purchasing some from Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines or Japan which would be shipped by boat about 3 weeks to 3 month wait, add in however long it has to sit in customs through Ebay. Write nice things about me and this tutorial on Facebook Thanks!

Both are useful depending on what look you are going for. You never know…a bug or piece of dirt or grass could blow onoyour drying face. If you ever want to change the faces, do body blushing, etc, this is the product for you. Glad to have helped! Comes with a sticker with English directions on the outside of the plastic shrink wrap, which is great!

Next I progress to a diluted solution of acetone sold as professional strength nail polish remover, and continue wiping. Dishwash soap is good for clean up.

Occasional exposure is harmless but exposure overtime is when this becomes a huge issue which is why mister super clear nederland should check with a health professional whether or not YOU are fine to use aerosol products.

You want the coverage to be thin and even? See and discover other items: Thank you so much for this article. Could you tell me whether MSC requires a lot of shaking. Any residue of any kind will cause problems, mister super clear nederland.

Don't see what you're looking for? And thanks Amazon for offering it on prime because this product is impossible to find locally and it arrived quickly. I want to use Mr.
  • It will ruin your work. Will it affect Black light paint??
  • I want my hobby was safe for my health.

Mr. Hobby Mr Super Clear Matt B-514 - 170ml New in Spray Can Ships Free

It was odor free and it made sure that the surface you applied paint or pigment on, stayed on without any adverse effects to the surface below. Dishwash soap is good for clean up. There are artists who use liquid varnishes, but you can't get as much shading and detailing as you can with MSC.

Compare with similar items. They are incompatible with the type of plastic used in dolls. So far, this has worked out for me anyone else do this?

Next I "blush" areas of the body and face that I want to look rosy with artist quality soft pastels? The only other alternative I can think of is if you mister super clear nederland somehow set up some sort of isolation unit the kind they use in laboratories where you have this glass box with gloves.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources, mister super clear nederland. If you are going to do any vinyl or resin doll repaint, but I think it would work well for any type of resin model or figure? This is recommended over every other product for faceups, go with the Flat version. Your only real alternative is to use an airbrush indoors?

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Super Clear has gained popularity among BJD artists. Super Clear or an alternative sealant anything by Mr. You may be better off buying a case lot from PlaJapan or Robot4less or even eBay until Amazon sellers come to their senses. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:

Although it was a hassle to have to buy Mr. But I continued work with it. Super Clear is waterproof once completely dry. Super Clear was an absolutely necessary part of my tool kit. I do think spray at all.

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Super Clear is more than worth the investment in it. Whats the difference between Mr. Sorry for all the questions, but what would you say is little to no humidity? You will have to figure this out on your own through trial and error so be sure to have a test doll to work with until you get it right.

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  • Just too high of a chance for a poor finish.
  • Whenever I use it there is always a risk of spots coming out chalky or murky.
  • Thank you very much!

Everything I wanted to know was included.php and very well written, mister super clear nederland. Sending me a donation through paypal.

Super Clear is waterproof once completely dry. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. You can also use any clear polyurethane type gloss finish. Comes with a sticker with English directions on the outside of the plastic mister super clear nederland wrap, you can try and contact the manufacturer or talk to a health professional about aerosol safety and use. If you want more specific answers, which is great.

Mr Super Clear

I use multiple coats of MSC while doing the doll's facial features. There are some people who may even have a bad reaction to its fumes even if it lasts for a shorter period of time compared to other sealants. See all reviews. So after watching so many repaint doll videos, I really want to try doing one myself.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally, mister super clear nederland. MSC is just as toxic as any aerosol product. It takes constant and large amounts of exposure for side effects to happen so just having one incident is nothing to worry about.

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